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Meet Melissa

Melissa Vine is a single mother of four boys, a businesswoman, and current Director of a non-profit where she advocates for women coming out of trauma.

Ten years ago, she left an abusive marriage and nearly lost everything. Overnight, she went from a wealthy small business owner to having $0 to her name.

At that moment, she made a promise to herself and her four boys that she would rise up from rock bottom. She began checking groceries at HyVee, earning $8.50 an hour to provide for her family.

After finishing her master’s degree, Melissa started and sold two small businesses and worked as a mental health provider where she quickly realized helping Iowans one by one wasn’t enough; she wanted to change the system.

She joined The Beacon as its Executive Director to support women who are recovering from their own trauma. Now, Melissa is ready to bring her story and her skills to Washington DC to make changes where the systems are created.

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